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This web page is where I commit my think pieces, tinker with HTML/CSS and try to figure out a coherent aesthetic.
Anime-analogous and denpakei content abound.
Prithee, リア充ども, make yourself scarce.

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Currently watching : Record of Lodoss War
Currently reading : A Sand County Almanac


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12/05/2023 added RSS feed

13/04/2023 added moving background

03/04/2023 new upload:
Gorerotica, or how to love the Orphic Egg Yolk

31/03/2023 new upload:
On the abuse of Yukkuris, Jissousekis and Fluffies

30/03/2023 added blogspot, website complete

29/03/2023 added logbook

26/03/2023 added music player